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Hidden Fates - Pokemon TCG Codes Live
Hidden Fates - Pokemon TCG Codes Live

Hidden Fates - Pokemon TCG Codes Live

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Feature: RV2-GM6K-JYB-4H9
In the Pokemon TCG Live, there is a limit on the quantity of codes that can be claimed per account. A maximum of 400 packs from any specific set can be redeemed. For each subsequent code you'll receive Coins.
Every Booster code contains 5 cards from this set.

Hidden Fates Pokemon TCG Codes

Hidden Fates is one of the only Sun and Moon set�s bringing us many shiny Pokemon Trading Cards and a brand new supporter Jesse and James which is popular in control TCG decks. Wild set loaded with all-time favorites contains some of the coolest-looking PTCGL cards in the game. Pokemon TCG Hidden Fates expansion is a collector's dream and a player�s paradise. With Hidden Fates Pokemon TCG Live codes you can get the following PTCGL cards: Charizard-GX, Cynthia, Raichu-GX, Weezing, Jessie & James, Guzma, Buzzwole, Garchomp, and much more.

Pokemon TCG Codes Live Hidden Fates can contain the following PTCGL Cards:
  • Over 150 Pokemon cards
  • 1x brand-new TAG TEAM Pokémon-GX trio
  • 8x more new Pokémon-GX
  • 15x Trainer cards and Over 75 Shiny Pokémon

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