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Vivid Voltage - Pokemon TCG Codes
Vivid Voltage - Pokemon TCG Codes

Vivid Voltage - Pokemon TCG Codes

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Feature: NQ4-XNWJ-WVH-796
In the Pokemon TCG Live, there is a limit on the quantity of codes that can be claimed per account. A maximum of 400 packs from any specific set can be redeemed. For each subsequent code you'll receive Coins.
Every Booster code contains 5 cards from this set.

Vivid Voltage Pokemon TCG Codes

Vivid Voltage is the fourth main expansion in the Sword & Shield Series of the Pokemon TCG Live, focusing on the Mouse Pokemon Pikachu and its Gigantamax form featuring Generation VIII. We can see new types of cards, Amazing Mythical and Legendary Pokemon. With even more Pokemon V like Mythical Pokemon Zarude with a rainbow splash, this is going to be one of the best sets introduced in the Pokemon Trading Card Game world!

Pokemon TCG Codes Vivid Voltage can contain the following PTCGL Cards:
  • Over 185 cards
  • Dozens of recently discovered Pokémon from the Galar region 8
  • 11 powerful Pokémon V and 6 enormous Pokémon VMAX
  • More than 15 Trainer cards and 4 new Special Energy cards

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