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Bulk Twilight Masquerade - 50x Pokemon TCG Codes
Bulk Twilight Masquerade - 50x Pokemon TCG Codes

Bulk Twilight Masquerade - 50x Pokemon TCG Codes

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In the Pokemon TCG Live, there is a limit on the quantity of codes that can be claimed per account. A maximum of 400 packs from any specific set can be redeemed. For each subsequent code you'll receive Coins.
Every Booster code contains 6 cards from this set.

Bulk Twilight Masquerade - 50x Pokemon TCG Codes

Save your money on Twilight Masquerade Pokemon TCG Live codes and buy in bulk, it will slightly lower the price per code.

Explore the captivating land of Kitakami and unleash the hidden power of Ogerpon ex with its various Masks in the latest Pokémon Trading Card Game set, Scarlet and Violet: Twilight Masquerade. This set introduces new cards, including the four unique Ogerpon Terastal forms: Teal Mask, Hearthflame Mask, Wellspring Mask, and Cornerstone Mask. Dragapult ex, a top-tier Meta contender and favorite bench sniper, makes a triumphant return in the form of Greninja ex.

The set also brings a fresh batch of ACE Spec Cards, making the choice of which to include in your deck more challenging than ever. Secret Box lets you search for an Item card, a Tool card, and a Stadium card from your deck, but requires you to discard 3 other cards from your hand for the best search in the game. Scoop Up Cyclone allows you to return a Pokémon and all attached cards to your hand. Hyper Aroma helps maintain consistency by letting you search for up to 3 Stage 1 Pokémon and put them into your hand, perfect for decks featuring Greninja ex and Gardevoir ex.

Twilight Masquerade introduces new Items, Supporters, Pokémon Tools, and Stadiums. Enhanced Hammer gets a reprint with a new Golden secret rare to eliminate those pesky special energy cards. Fable Flute lets you look at the top 5 cards of your opponent’s deck and bench any Basic Pokémon you find, disrupting their strategy. Carmine, a new Draw Supporter, allows you to discard your hand and draw 5 cards, even on your first turn if you go first, making it essential for aggressive decks like Iron Valiant ex. Lucky Helmet returns, drawing cards whenever your Pokémon is damaged by an attack. Notable stadiums include Festival Grounds, which prevents Pokémon with energy attached from being affected by Special Conditions, and Jamming Tower, which nullifies the effects of all Pokémon Tools in play.

By purchasing Scarlet and Violet: Twilight Masquerade Pokémon TCG Live codes, you might acquire powerful cards like Dragapult ex, Magcargo ex, Greninja ex, Luxray ex, Blissey ex, Sinistcha ex, Screaming Tail ex, Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex, Iron Thorns ex, Ogerpon ex, and many more. Enhance your collection and gameplay with these exciting new additions!

Pokemon TCG Twilight Masquerade Codes can contain the following PTCGL Cards:

  • Over 200 cards
  • New and classic ACE SPEC cards
  • More than a dozen brand-new Pokémon ex, including type-shifted Tera Pokémon ex
  • Dozens of Pokémon and Trainer cards with special illustrations

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