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Bulk Scarlet & Violet - 50x Pokemon TCG Codes
Bulk Scarlet & Violet - 50x Pokemon TCG Codes

Bulk Scarlet & Violet - 50x Pokemon TCG Codes

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In the Pokemon TCG Live, there is a limit on the quantity of codes that can be claimed per account. A maximum of 400 packs from any specific set can be redeemed. For each subsequent code you'll receive Coins.
Every Booster code contains 6 cards from this set.

Scarlet & VioletPokemon TCG Codes

Discover the Paldea Region, filled with many new Pokemon and Characters in latest set, Scarlet and Violet. Based on the Nintendo Switch games, Scarlet and Violet, this set features a redesign of the Pokemon TCG as we know it. All Scarlet and Violet base set and on cards feature a new silver border to bring the game�s aesthetic in line with Japan for the first time ever! On top of that, Pokemon ex return to the Pokemon TCG for the first time in years! That means Magnemite [Scarlet and Violet] Evolves into Magneton [Scarlet and Violet] and then Magneton Evolves into Magnezone ex [Scarlet and Violet]. This is much different than Pokemon VSTAR / VMAX cards from Sword and Shield that would have Duraludon V [Evolving Skies] Evolve into a Duraludon VMAX [Evolving Skies]. It might not sound like much of a change at first, but this places a larger emphasis on Evolution Pokemon, which is an in-game mechanic that hasn�t been as important in recent years. On top of all powerful cards that will surely shake up our Standard format, there are many beautiful cards to collect in Scarlet and Violet. There are Special Illustration Rare versions of Miriam [Scarlet and Violet], Arven [Scarlet and Violet], Jacq [Scarlet and Violet], and Penny [Scarlet and Violet]. With so much to discover in Scarlet and Violet, start your Pokemon TCG adventure - pick up some Scarlet and Violet Pokemon TCG Live codes today!

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