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Brilliant Stars - Pokemon TCGL Codes
Brilliant Stars - Pokemon TCGL Codes

Brilliant Stars - Pokemon TCGL Codes

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Feature: HNX-Q69Y-GGL-XCV
In the Pokemon TCG Live, there is a limit on the quantity of codes that can be claimed per account. A maximum of 400 packs from any specific set can be redeemed. For each subsequent code you'll receive Coins.
Every Booster code contains 5 cards from this set.

Brilliant Stars Pokemon TCG Codes

The ninth Sword & Shield expansion Brilliant Stars came to us and features popular Pokemon from the Sinnoh region. With one of the favorite Pokemon, Charizard VSTAR, the fire-type decks will come to life once again. The Mythical Pokémon Arceus appears as a Pokémon VSTAR with the Starbirth VSTAR Power. This Ability lets you search your deck for up to 2 cards to bring into your hand. With this Ability at your disposal, you'll be able to snag the cards you need no matter the situation. Pokémon VSTAR can't come into play unless you evolve them from Pokémon V. And like Arceus VSTAR, Arceus V is useful for building up a sturdy foundation. Its Trinity Charge attack lets you search your deck for up to 3 basic Energy cards and attach them to your Pokémon V in any way you like. As always, the new expansion features plenty of Trainer cards and Special Energy cards. Double Turbo Energy, has good synergy with Arceus VSTAR for example.

Brilliant Stars contains over 170 cards. This expansion bring us brand-new Pokémon VSTAR, 20 powerful Pokémon V and 3 enormous Pokémon VMAX. It also contains 30 cards with special art in the Trainer Gallery subset and more than 20 Trainer cards and a new Special Energy card.

With buying Brilliant Stars booster code you get random code cards, which means you can get any code card from Brilliant Stars expansion.

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